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Quenching Your Thirst Since 1933

About The Limberlost in Houghton Lake, MI

Named after the famous book, A Girl Of The Limberlost, written by Gene Stratton-Porter, the now Limberlost Restaurant has a history just as thick, winding, and mysterious as the swamp that inspired the novel. Once a hospital, hotel, and even brothel, The Limberlost has a history unparalleled to most restaurants in Northern Michigan.

Since opening its doors in 1933, the restaurant continues to commit itself to serve good food, cold drinks, and unforgettable times in the presence of great company. We believe that a good experience isn't merely having a fantastic singular moment but one comprised of numerous moments of simple pleasure.

Our Limberlost Family has had the privilege of making so many of our own good memories through the best and worst of times, and we invite you to join us in the endeavor of creating more lasting memories together.

Our Family History

Our Family History

Bob Hallauer, our late owner, frequented this bar in the early 2000s with his own friends and family. This was his favorite Northern Michigan spot. It was so special to him that one day he abruptly pointed at a young woman and proclaimed, “One day, I’m going to own this bar and marry that girl.” Well, The Limberlost may not be Disney World, but when you wish upon a shooting star (in the shape of a Platinum Bud Light Bottle), dreams do come true.

Several years later, Bob bought this very bar and married that girl–the love of his life and mother of his children. Together, they built a hotel, established 3 bars and 2 buffalo farms, and had an electrical company in metro Detroit. Most importantly, they made a family worth being proud of.

In the beginning of 2014, Bob was diagnosed with cancer: Rhabdomyosarcoma. After a long fight, Bob passed away in November of 2015. His wife, the proprietor, works endlessly each day to ensure his legacy remains intact not only in honor of him but for the hope that at least 1 customer gains the happiness of a lifetime their family was blessed with here in this very bar.

We ask that while you’re here, you’re able to appreciate the craziness of whatever moment you're in because we’re all always just one moment away from the next unforgettable memory. So cheers to the good times, the bad times, the easy times, and the hard times. In the company of loved ones and a place full of memories, let us remember there is always more of the future worth cheersing.